Complete a Free Michigan Parole Search (Resource)

Free Michigan Parolee Lookup
Find out if someone you know or love was released from prison on parole in Michigan, free of charge.

Conduct a free Michigan parole search on anyone throughout the state without tedious research.

This helpful resource details everything inquirers need to perform a parole search at no cost; parole refers to when inmates are released from prison under supervision.

Furthermore, this article details how to check scheduled parole hearings, locate parole officers, and track individuals who have violated their terms or fled.

How To Run a Free Michigan Parole Search & Find Released Prisoners

Understanding how to trace the criminal history of individuals in Michigan is essential, especially when it comes to searching for released prisoners. There exist a couple of ways to run an effective parole search and obtain reliable information in Michigan.

One key way is through the Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS). OTIS is essentially a database containing comprehensive data on offenders currently supervised or recently discharged by the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC).1 The unique thing about this system is that its range isn’t limited to felons alone.

A screenshot from the Michigan Department of Corrections showing detailed biographical information of an inmate, including identification numbers, name, demographic details, physical characteristics, incarceration status, and facility assignment, with a photo for identification.
Source: Michigan Department of Corrections2

It equally covers misdemeanants serving or who have served their term under MDOC supervision.

On the OTIS system, citizens can search for parolees by either their full name or through their MDOC number. Inquirers will need to ensure that they choose the correct offender status when looking for the individual to narrow down the search.

However, If they are not sure about the status then they can leave it as be and continue with the search. Extra information such as the age, race and gender can also be entered, however, these are not necessarily required for the search.

Additionally, inquirers can also contact the MDOC at the following to inquire about inmates who are on parole:

Michigan Department of Corrections
Field Operations Administration
Grandview Plaza, 206 East Michigan Avenue,
Post Office Box, 30003
Lansing, Michigan, 48909

Phone: (517)335-1979
Office timing: Weekdays 8am – 5pm

Apart from the above, the Michigan Parole Board can also be contacted for availing information relating to individuals on parole.3 The Parole Board manages and conducts hearings on inmates who are being considered for parole. The Board can be contacted at the following:

Michigan Parole Board
206 East Michigan Ave# 3, 
Lansing, Michigan, 48933

Phone: 517-373-0270
Email: [email protected]
Office hours: Mon. – Fri. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Check Who Has Violated Parole or Is on the Run in Michigan (Violator & Absconder Lookup)

The Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS), in addition to finding people on parole, can also be used for finding parole absconders.

To find such offenders, an individual must enter relevant information into certain fields. By selecting ‘Parole Absconder’ under ‘Offender Status,’ they can view a list of all those who have fled from parole.

Accuracy counts when it comes to OTIS. Exact spelling matters and helps return accurate results during the Michigan parole lookup. If the inquirer doesn’t know about the specifics of the individual, like first and last name, then the search can also be conducted through an MDOC-provided number as well.

To report absconders, citizens can utilize the MDOC’s Absconder & Escapee Tip Line. They can also contact the local law enforcement agency if said offender’s location is known. The law agency will then take the essential steps to apprehend the fugitive and notify their respective parole officer promptly.

A web form from the Michigan Department of Corrections designed to collect tips from the public, featuring input fields for personal details, contact information, and the tip message, with a note regarding response times due to high email volume.
Source: Michigan Department of Corrections4

How To Find Inmates in a Michigan State Prison

In order to search for state prisoners, inquirers can again utilize the Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) tool provided by the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC).5 Citizens can use full names or even assigned MDOC numbers of inmates to search for them in state prisons.

After submission of this information, a list opens up with matching offenders who have breached the law and are now in prison. However, keep in mind that information regarding inmates in state prisons is only accessible by the OTIS tool, as MDOC manages state prison data only. OTIS does not include those serving jail time in county jails or city lockups.

Sending money to inmates in Michigan State Prisons is done through GTL services – a third party vendor contracted by the MDOC to ensure a secure transaction.6, 7

Monetary funds can be sent to inmates through pay orders. For this purpose, individuals will need to fill out a money order deposit form and make sure that the money order is payable to GTL Financial Services.8 However, the maximum amount that can be sent to inmates is $300 and all orders must be in US Dollars.

The deposit form along with the money or pay order can then be sent to the following address:

GTL Financial Services
10005 Technology Boulevard West, Suite 130 
Dallas, TX, 75220

For visitation purposes, the MDOC requires individuals to be approved first and entered on the inmate’s visiting list. For that approval process, citizens are required to submit a completed visitor application form along with an envelope addressed to themselves. Once approved and put on the list, they will receive a notice about it.

An official visitation application form from the Michigan Department of Corrections that requires personal identification details, relationship to the inmate, and various security questions to determine eligibility for prison visitation.
Source: Michigan Department of Corrections Visiting Application9

Citizens are then allowed access during visitation days and timings set by each facility according to MDOC’s schedule.10 It is equally crucial for visitors to familiarize themselves with MDOC visitation rules before making their visit.

Getting in contact with a state prisoner can be done via mail. However, it must be noted that due to an increase in contraband and drugs, mails are first photocopied and then the photocopy is delivered to the inmate. Citizens who want to write to inmates can deliver their mail to the facility using US postal services.

However, it must be ensured that the mail contains the name and MDOC number of the inmate it is addressed to, as well as the correct credentials of the facility where the prisoner is held.

How To Determine When a Parole Hearing Is or Reach a Michigan Parole Officer

A crucial authority in the State of Michigan is its Parole Board.11 It holds dominion over parole decisions for prisoners under the MDOC jurisdiction. When granting parole, the board accounts for the nature and history of an offender’s crimes, behavior while incarcerated, performances in programs, age, and risk level.

The board conducts parole hearings after an initial review. An initial review happens whenever eligibility comes up for consideration by the board members. Should they see fit to proceed further then a public hearing gets set up with details shared on the official MDOC website.

To become part of the hearing individuals can contact the Parole Board at the following:

Michigan Parole Board
206 East Michigan Ave# 3, 
Lansing, Michigan, 48933

Phone: 517-373-0270
Email: [email protected]
Office hours: Mon. – Fri. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

To reach parole officers, the MDOC offers an accessible directory known as the Parole Probation Office Directory.12 Here inquirers can find all details — from county lists to office supervisors’ names.

The directory even provides information about each office, such as their addresses and phone numbers that can also aid in parole search requests in Michigan. Individuals can also use the directory to contact a parole office to express any concerns as well. These could range from safety worries involving parolees or others to potential violation reports.

How To Conduct a Michigan Probationer Search for Free

Probation forms part of an offender’s initial sentence, often given instead of or along with jail time. The judge sets certain rules which are to be followed during this period. Parole works differently.

It allows for early release from a prison term and it is granted only after some sentence has already been served by the inmate behind bars.

State: At the state level, individuals can utilize the Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) provided by the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) office for finding probationers. They simply need to access the tool, fill in the required fields, and select the ‘Probation’ option in the offender status. The person under probation can be found using their first and last name or through the MDOC number.

Wayne County: Citizens can perform probation searches at the county level by contacting the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office or the operations office falling under the Metropolitan Territory Administration covering the county.13

The former can be contacted using the following information:

Wayne County Sheriff’s Office
4747 Woodward Avenue 
Detroit, Michigan, 48201

Phone: (313)833-0864
Fax: (313)224-2367
Email: [email protected]

The latter can be contacted at:

Assistant Deputy Director Operations Office
1151 Crooks Road, Bldg. A
Troy, MI, 48084

Phone: 517-230-9721

City of Detroit: The Detroit District Court Probation Department holds accountability for administering community guidance to those accused of misdemeanors within the city.14 Inquirers can contact the office at the following to find information on other individuals who are on probation:

District Court Probation Department
421 Madison Street, 
Detroit, MI, 48226

Phone: (313)965-3414

Apart from the above the Eastern District Probation Office covering the city of Detroit can also be contacted to inquire about probationers at:15

Eastern District Probation Office
1600 Algonquin
Detroit, MI, 48215 

Phone: (313)821-8171

In the end, this resource offers step-by-step guidance on finding parole and probation details; learn how to perform a Michigan parole search using the methods highlighted above.


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