Free Michigan Warrant Search (Information on Wanted Persons)

Free Michigan Warrant Search
Find out if you or someone else has a warrant out for their arrest in Michigan, free of charge.

Conduct a free Michigan warrant search to reveal if you or someone you know has an active court order issued for an arrest.

State and federal courts generate warrants, as do law enforcement agencies — but knowing exactly how to submit requests for details on wanted individuals is vital. Refer to this resource to discover how to look up free warrant information on anyone in Michigan.

Are Warrant Records Available to the Public?

Under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a person has the right to inspect, view or obtain public records.1 A public record is a writing maintained by a state or local government body.

However, there are exemptions to Michigan FOIA. The law prohibits disclosure of public records like warrants if the disclosure:

  • Interferes with criminal investigations
  • Endangers the life of an individual
  • Violates a person’s right to privacy
  • Violates a person’s right to a fair trial

Although some warrants may not be public records, citizens can still request to view or obtain them. Law enforcement also has the right to redact any information in the warrants that would violate the public records exception laws.

Key Information When Running a Michigan Warrant Search

A warrant search cannot be conducted unless a researcher knows very basic information about the subject of the warrant. This primarily includes the name of the individual on the warrant.

A researcher should also have a general idea of the county or city where the warrant was created or served. It would also help to know the date of birth of the individual arrested for an arrest warrant.

Interested parties should also find out the state, city, or federal agency that issued the warrant. This will help researchers know what type of records to request or search for to find warrant information.

For example, a felony warrant or misdemeanor warrant information can be found by the law enforcement agencies that issued them or either the District or Circuit Court with jurisdiction over the case. These courts have the authority to issue a bench warrant in Michigan.

Interested parties can check for warrants on the state level by searching online circuit court case systems. Systems will display offense information. Researchers can check with district court systems and local law enforcement agencies when searching for offense arrest information on the municipal level.

Several federal agencies provide warrant information, and all of these resources are detailed below.

How To Review Active Arrest Warrants in Michigan for Free

Michigan Circuit Courts compile court case information into a free case search that anyone can review. Researchers type in the county, city, or court name to locate the right Circuit Court.

Presents the MiCOURT Case Search results for the 48th Circuit Court, showing a specific case entry with the case ID, the parties involved, the date filed, case status, and the assigned judge, with the court's location in Allegan, highlighting the platform's utility for public access to court case information.
Source: Michigan Judiciary, MiCourt2

Once the proper court is found, researchers only need to type in the last name of an individual under the ‘Name’ section, then select ‘Criminal/Traffic/Civil Infractions’ under the ‘Filter’ section for the search to yield criminal case information. The results will provide a list of individuals with criminal cases in a particular Circuit Court’s jurisdiction.

Researchers can also begin their statewide Michigan warrant search by checking the Department of Corrections’ Most Wanted Escapees list.3

This free list shows individuals with outstanding warrants in Michigan that the Department of Corrections considers dangerous. The list is in alphabetical order and displays the individual’s name, age, sex, race, escape date, offense, and last known city.

Interested parties may also submit an anonymous tip if they know information on a fugitive’s whereabouts.

Michigan Department of Corrections
Grandview Plaza
206 East Michigan Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48909

Phone: 517.335.1426

In Michigan, state-level offenses and the criminal cases that arise out of them are generally heard by Circuit Courts. Circuit Courts in Michigan have jurisdiction over all felony cases.

Check for Warrants in Michigan via County Courts & Sheriff’s Offices

Wayne County: Researchers can perform a warrant search on the county level. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office executes warrants on behalf of courts and serves its own arrest and search warrants.4 The sheriff’s office also operates the county jail.

Interested parties can use the Wayne County Sheriff Inmate Inquiry to search for current detainees and the charges that led to their arrests. The search will yield results by inputting a person’s first or last name. Once a detainee is located, click on their name to view the ‘Charge Description.’

A detailed view of an inmate's information from the Wayne County Sheriff's database, including demographic data, booking history, charge descriptions, offense and sentence details, with the housing facility and bond amount listed, reflecting the structured data available for individuals in custody.
Source: Wayne County Sheriff’s Office5

Wayne County Sheriff’s Office
4747 Woodward Ave
Detroit, Michigan 48201

Phone: 313.833.0864
Email: [email protected]

Wayne County felony cases are heard in the Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan.6 The court’s Criminal Case Records Search allows members of the public to look up charges from arrest warrants. Researchers must provide a first and last name for the search to yield results.

After the search yields results, researchers can find the offense under the ‘Charge(s)’ column. To view more case information, select the ‘Case Number’ adjacent to the individual name of the person the researcher is looking up.

The Wayne County Clerk maintains all criminal case records from the Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan. Interested parties may request current case records from the Clerk by contacting the Wayne County Hall of Justice at 313.224.2502.

Wayne County Clerk
Records Division
2 Woodward Avenue, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Room LL-61
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Phone: 313.224.5530

Interested persons may also view Wayne County District Court criminal case information through the Michigan Courts Case Search. This case search function allows anyone to view District Court case information for free.

To search exclusively for Wayne County District Court cases, interested persons should type in ‘Wayne’ in the ‘Court Selection Search’. There are twenty (20) District Courts in Wayne County. Ensure that you have the right court selected or your search will not provide the correct results.

Once the court is selected, users can search by last name only and filter by criminal cases. The results will inform any researcher of the offense of the individual charged with committing a crime.

Oakland County: The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office provides the public with a free Most Wanted Fugitives list. This list displays the names of individuals with active warrants that have not been served. It includes the mugshot, date of birth, height, weight, offenses alleged to have been committed, and the cities or areas in which the individual has ties.

The sheriff’s office also maintains the county jail and provides the public with a free CLEMIS Inmate Locator. This database displays individuals currently located in the Oakland County Jail and the offenses for which they are detained.

A correctional facility's database showing the detailed profile of a male inmate, including identification number, personal details, incarceration status, and a list of charges with the corresponding courts and case numbers.
Source: Courts and Law Enforcement Management Information Systems (CLEMIS)7

Researchers can search by first name or last name. After locating the person you are searching for, by clicking on ‘Details’ researchers can view the offense information under the ‘Charge’ column.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is part of the county government. Researchers can request police records that include warrant information through the FOIA Center.

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office
1201 North Telegraph Road
Pontiac, Michigan

Phone: 248.858.5000
Email: [email protected]

Oakland County has eleven (11) District Courts. Members of the public can use the free Michigan Case Search to look up criminal case information that shows offenses. Upon selecting the proper District Court, researchers must input at least a last name and filter the search by criminal cases.

For more information, contact the District Court that has jurisdiction over the criminal case you are researching.

Macomb County: The Macomb County Jail provides interested parties with a free JailTracker that displays warrant information on individuals currently detained. This warrant lookup allows anyone to look up information by last name or first name.

When the correct detainee is located, users can select ‘View More’ to see the offense that led to the detainment under ‘Charges’.

A blurred photograph of a male detainee alongside information about his charges, court dates, and bond requirements from a county sheriff's database, without revealing any personal identification details.
Source: Macomb County Sheriff’s Office8

Interested parties can request police records from the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office.9 Records requests must be in writing and detail the incident report or arrest report with sufficiency as there are labor fees associated with searching and copying. For more information call the Macomb County Records office at 586.307.9393 or email at [email protected].

Macomb County Sheriff’s Office
43565 Elizabeth Road
Mt. Clemens, Michigan 48043

Phone: 586.469.5151

Cases that stem from Macomb County felony warrants are heard in the 16th Judicial Circuit Court. The court provides the public with a CourtView eAccess for Public Court Records where they can search for criminal case information.

A case summary from a judicial court docket detailing various entries and notes regarding a legal matter involving minor children, with all proceedings concluding by a specific date, avoiding any reference to enforcement or apprehension terms.
Source: Macomb County 16th Judicial Circuit Court10

Researchers should select ‘FY-Felony Criminal’ under ‘Case Type’ and input the first and last name of the individual in which they are inquiring. After the search yields results, select the case number to view the charging information under the ‘Charge’ tab.

Macomb County 16th Judicial Circuit Court
40 North Main Street
Mt. Clemens, Michigan 48043

Phone: 586.469.7171

Similar to the other District Courts in Michigan, criminal cases in the Macomb County District Courts can be found in the Case Search. There are eight (8) District Courts in Macomb so researchers should ensure that they are searching the correct court.

Researchers can review information from cases in these courts by typing in ‘Macomb’ in the search bar. From there, type in at least the last name of a person to view their case information.

Access Warrant Information Through Municipal Agencies & Courts

Aside from a broad Michigan warrant search that covers the whole state and county-level lookups, warrants can often be found through towns and cities (municipalities). Some examples of how to find warrant information at the municipal level can be found below.

The Detroit Police Department makes arrests and generates police reports.11 The police department requires that interested parties provide a 10-digit incident number or a valid ID to gain access to a particular police report. If the requester is not a person named on the report, they must have written consent from someone who is, along with a photocopy of their ID.

Reports cost $10 payable in cash or by money order. The police department is open 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday – Friday.

Detroit Police Department
2875 West Grand Blvd.
Detroit, Michigan 48202

Phone: 313.596.1909

The 36th District Court in Detroit allows members of the public to use the case lookup tool to look up warrant and offense information.12 Users only need to input a last name or a few characters of a person’s name for the search to yield results.

Once results are generated, researchers can select ‘View’ beside the case number of the individual they are searching. Under the ‘Actions, Judgements, Case Notes’ section, researchers will be able to view warrant and offense information.

The court is open 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday – Friday.

36th District Court
421 Madison St.
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Phone: 313.965.2200

Interested persons can request records from the Grand Rapids Police Department. Records can be requested by email, mail, or hand-delivered in person. Interested persons must complete a FOIA Request for Public Records form.

Grand Rapids Police Department
Records Unit
1 Monroe Center Street Northwest
Grand Rapids, MI 49053

Phone: 616.456.3350
Email: [email protected]

The Grand Rapids 61st District Court provides members of the public with a free case search. Researchers can look up criminal case information by name including warrants and offenses.

A legal case information from a district court's public records, highlighting case details, court location, and judge assignment, along with dates pertinent to the case's proceedings, all resolved by a specified closing date.
Source: Grand Rapids 61st District Court13

Researchers should select ‘Advanced Search’ and ‘Criminal’. Then input at least the last name of an individual with a criminal case in this District Court in Grand Rapids. After locating the individual you are searching for, select ‘Charge Summary’ under the ‘Defendant’ section to view the offense.

61st District Court
180 Ottawa Northwest
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

Phone: 616.632.5700
Email: [email protected]

The Warren Police Department Public Record Requests portal allows anyone to request police records and check on the status. Police records may also be requested in person at the Records County from 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday – Friday.

Warren Police Department
29900 South Civic Center Boulevard
Warren, Michigan 48093

Phone: 586.574.4760

Interested parties can also search warrants and offense information through the 37th District Court Case Search. Researchers should filter the search by criminal cases and input at least a person’s last name for the search to yield accurate results.

Researchers will be able to view the offense that began the criminal case. The offense can be reviewed after selecting the ‘Case ID’ and looking under the ‘Charge’ section.

37th District Court
8300 Common Road
Warren, Michigan 48093

Phone: 586.574.4900

The Sterling Heights Police Department provides law enforcement services for the city. Members of the public can request police records by completing a Warren Police Department Freedom of Information Act Request. Requests can be emailed, faxed, hand-delivered, or mailed to the department.

Sterling Heights Police Department
Attn: FOIA Coordinator
40333 Dodge Park Rd.
Sterling Heights, Michigan 48313

Phone: 586.446.2900
Fax: 586.276.4069
Email: [email protected]

The 41A District Court Case Search allows the public to look up criminal offenses and warrant information. Researchers can filter by criminal cases, and input the name of the individual they are searching. After clicking on the ‘Case ID’ researchers can view the offense under the ‘Charge’ section.

The Ann Arbor Police Department makes arrests and issues warrants on behalf of the city.14 If a police report involves you, you can make a request by email, in person with a photo ID, or by mail with a photocopy of a photo ID at the Justice Center. There is a $5 fee associated with police records.

Justice Center
301 East Huron, Second Floor
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Email: [email protected]

If a police report does not involve you, complete an online FOIA Request for Police Records.

The 15th District Court in Ann Arbor maintains criminal misdemeanor cases. The Case Search allows members of the public to look up warrant and offense information.

Researchers can exclusively search criminal cases by using the ‘Filter’. Warrant and offense information will be found after clicking the ‘Case ID’ of the person searched, and looking under the ‘Charge’ section.

Ann Arbor 15th District Court
301 East Huron Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107

Find Federal Warrants Issued in Michigan & Elsewhere in the U.S.

Researchers can also perform a Michigan warrant search by checking with federal agencies; a federal warrant is issued by either a federal law enforcement agency or a court.

You can search for warrant information through the DEA Most Wanted Fugitives List, the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List, and the U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted Fugitives List.

The best way to obtain federal warrant information is by contacting a criminal defense attorney. They can assist with Freedom of Information Act requests through the U.S. Marshall Service.

Federal criminal cases are heard by the Eastern District of Michigan Court or the Western District Court. Researchers can search criminal cases in the Eastern District using the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system and inputting the five-digit case number.

A search tool for non-electronic records at the National Archives and Federal Records Center, providing steps and contact information to access court records filed before January 2004, with a field to input a five-digit case number and the year filed.
Source: United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan15

Researchers can search criminal cases in the Western District by also utilizing the online court records platform. To use this system you can search by a person’s name, by entering ‘Case Number’, and selecting the ‘Docket Sheet’ or ‘History/Documents’ query.

Types of Warrants in Michigan & Their Definitions

Warrants are either variants of arrest warrants or search warrants. These can be referred to as an ‘active warrant’ which simply means that it has not been executed or served on the person to be arrested. Learn what the different warrants are below.

Arrest Warrants — grant law enforcement agencies the power to bring a person into custody.

Bench Warrants — ordered by a judge when an individual fails to appear in court without just cause.

Probation or Parole Warrants — are arrest warrants issued by a court when an individual released from prison has violated the conditions of their release.

Traffic Warrants — issued to a driver that informs them of the type of violation they may have committed and their court date and fine amount.

Child Support Warrants — a family court has the authority to issue an arrest warrant when an individual does not pay child support without just cause.

Capias & Capias Pro Fine Warrants — are issued by courts when an individual fails to pay the fine amount ordered by the court.

Fugitive Warrants — give a law enforcement agency the authority to rearrest an individual who has escaped their custody.

Search Warrants — describe the place to be searched and things to be found during a criminal investigation.

Actions To Consider if You or Someone Else Faces an Arrest Warrant in Michigan

An active arrest warrant in Michigan means that an individual has not been served with a duly executed warrant; an active warrant can lead to an individual being placed on a wanted list and being labeled as a fugitive.

There is no Michigan warrant roundup, but as mentioned above, there are wanted lists provided by some law enforcement agencies within the state.

When someone you know has a warrant out for their arrest you could let them know, but only if you believe it is safe. Some individuals may not want other people to know that law enforcement is actively looking to arrest them. You can contact your local police department if you feel threatened or want to inform them of a fugitive’s location. You can also notify a friend or family member.

If you realize you have an active warrant out for your arrest, it is always prudent to turn yourself into your local police department. You should also contact a criminal defense lawyer who can provide you with legal counsel during your arraignment. You may also be able to pay fines and set a court date.

The Michigan State Police provide tip lines for persons with information on fugitives.

Find out if you have a warrant by using this guide and the resources detailed above. A Michigan warrant search can be performed by anyone using the tools and contact information offered throughout this resource.


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